We update the system software of OPH-5000i and the libraries for developing application software from time to time, and release the new version on this page.

System software updates

Update information for a PAC file to update the device's system software, and library files related to the update.
Latest release: 1.0 (2020/8/21)

Release history

Beta version: 1D.0 (2020/11/17)

Library updates

Update information of the libraries that can be used by linking with the application program.

Native API library

The update information of the Native API library is described in System software updates.

AdvancedMenu library

Latest release: 1.4.0 (2020/11/5)

Release history

HttpRequest library

Latest release: 1.1.4 (2020/10/28)

Release history

Last updated: 2020/11/17