The OPH-5000i is a reliable and durable proprietary data terminal with the wireless LAN connection and Bluetooth capabilities. It features an elegant design with a high speed, integrated 2D scanner that quickly and accurately scans barcodes.

This manual describes how to develop a user application for the OPH-5000i using the free OPH-5000i SDK.

This manual contains:

User application development

Describes how to develop the user application.


Describes libraries that can be used for user application development.


Describes the utilities that can be used for user application development.

Update information

Update information for OPH-5000i system software, libraries and unitities.

See also

OPH-5000i System menu

Explains how to operate the System menu built into the OPH-5000i.

OPH-5000i Product Information

Please see this page for the product information of OPH-5000i.


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Last updated: 2022/04/08